NEW! easyJet Takes Kids On First Flight. Reactions Are Priceless

A group of children who never flew before were asked about their flying expectations.

First, kids talk about why they haven't flown. For one child, it's because his dad only has a car; for another, it's because her parents have never flown.

Then for their expectations: Kids want to see adults resemble ants, have butterflies in their stomach, and see clouds up close and personal.

EasyJet brought kids to the airport for "My First Flight," although the flying part was a surprise. The kids thought they were on a field trip to visit an airport and view the inside of a plane.

When the children took their seats, the pilot informed them they were going to take a ride. No one panicked. I was impressed.

Once the plane took off, the kids held hands, screamed, looked out the window and enjoyed the view. Afterward, a few even ran to the pilot to smother him with hugs. At the baggage claim, each kid received his or her own custom backpack. Uzina created the campaign.



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