iQ Media Launches Metrics Solution For Events Sponsorships

iQ Media announced on Wednesday a new sponsorship measurement solution, offering partners real-time data about how TV sponsorships affect overall fan engagement.

The solution also correlates real-time engagement data with purchases, mobile activation and social media actions.

Both in-game (when a consumer is watching an event, either live or replayed) and out-of-game (after consumers watch a game), marketers using the iQ Media solution can measure the success of their sponsorship investments on a national or local level. The product uses technologies that can detect spoken word and recognize logos.

“As an industry, we’re seeing time-shifting become more and more prevalent among TV viewers, but one area that seems to be immune to it is live sports events,” iQ Media CEO Kevin Kohn told Real-Time Daily via email.

“They're maintaining high real-time viewership, and not coincidentally, they’re presenting excellent advertising opportunities to brands, which we’re now tracking in-stadium and out. iQ Media helps sports teams and sponsors really understand the value of their investments in these major TV events (from both a paid and earned media standpoint), and the resulting purchase events or store visits that occur in the local market,” continued Kohn.

iQ Media is already working with the NHL, Charlotte Hornets, Philadelphia Eagles, Cleveland Indians, Dallas Cowboys, Temple University and USA Cycling, in a capacity that both monitors media communications and measures sponsorship activations.

The company also worked with a music label during the Super Bowl to “help them understand the value of putting their artists' songs in ads, by correlating real-time downloads and purchases from major streaming services,” according to Kohn.

Real-time measurement of marketing campaigns is increasingly important to the success of advertising strategies, particularly in the sports and events space.

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