BoKU Superfood Helps Dad, Baby Compete In Spartan Race

I came across this amusing video for BoKU Superfood and the rise of endurance races. The company teamed up with Spartan Race to showcase how a plant-based, vegan protein can help an athlete meet his or her fitness goals. The video was shot in one day using one real baby, one fake baby and a drone.

A dad signs up for a Spartan race on a whim. He drinks his BoKU shakes and feels ready to take on the world. One small problem: He has to watch his baby that day. Rather than skip the race, he straps the baby to his back and tackles the obstacle course.

When Dad crosses the finish line, he realizes that his baby is not with him. He goes back into the race and finds his adorable baby hanging from rings and climbing rope. Way more fit than I am. When the pair return home, baby explains to Dad that you can tell a lot about a person by what they put in their sippy cup. Too true.



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