Demandbase Goes Big On AI, Launches Site Optimization

Demandbase, a B2B enterprise marketing company, on Wednesday unveiled a new Web site personalization product powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Demandbase has integrated AI technology into Site Optimization, a new tool available in the company’s Website Personalization solution. The product is designed to automatically serve relevant content to new and returning Web site visitors, personalizing marketing for visiting prospects based on their own interests and company. Site optimization does what its name implies, recommending content predicted to move a prospect forward in the buyer’s journey.

Content recommendations are derived from a database of firmographic and behavioral data, as well as historic and real-time Web site traffic information. Site Optimization also utilized AI to automate testing, learning and optimization.

Demandbase announced the launch of its new AI solution at the company’s fourth annual Marketing Innovation Summit in San Francisco, CA.



Demandbase also unveiled a new partner program on Wednesday, allowing third parties to integrate Demandbase’s account-based marketing technology and services into their own marketing programs. In addition, the program aims to provide ABM education and sales support to Demandbase’s partners.

Demandbase offers a suite of digital marketing and advertising applications available in the Demandbase B2B Marketing Cloud. The San Francisco-based company specializes in account-based marketing (ABM), a popular B2B marketing strategy where sales teams target company accounts as a market of one.

Demandbase has been building its data science repertoire since acquiring Spiderbook, a data startup, last May. Spiderbook’s technology identifies prospects by scanning online intent signals, like SEC filings and social media posts, and then recommends next steps to convert leads into customers. 

Demandbase utilized its new data science prowess post-Spiderbook acquisition to launch an artificial intelligence insights platform in October, 2016. DemandGraph is an AI-powered business graph that now powers the company’s account-based marketing platform.


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