Urban Airship Launches Digital Growth Platform, New Partnerships

Urban Airship announced on Wednesday a real-time marketing automation platform that syncs communication across any interface or marketing channel. 

Urban Airship’s Digital Growth Platform aims to remove data siloes from overly complex marketing stacks to help marketers reach their customers across any channel or device from a single interface.

Founded in 2009, Urban Airship was created initially as a marketing company specializing in building and maintaining customer relationships on mobile applications. Now, the company has pivoted beyond mobile toward a unified and omnichannel marketing experience.  

Powered by the new real-time automation engine, marketers to coordinate messaging across mobile, email, Web and IoT devices.

Marketers can draft notifications, incorporate customer data, target specific audiences with rules-based triggers and distribute messaging to selected channels via the integrated platform.



The company has also partnered with several channel marketing entities, including email service providers SendGrid and Cordial, for transactional messaging. Both Cordial and SendGrid will be available on Urban Airship channels API, while Cordial will also be available on the company’s profile API.

"We're committed to providing our customers with products and integrations that allow them to engage and grow their customer base through transaction-driven communication,” states Sameer Dholakia, CEO at SendGrid.



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