NEW! The Movies Running On National Canadian Film Day Are Great -- Says Woman Who Never Lies

To help promote National Canadian Film Day (NCFD) on April 19, Reel Canada, the non­profit that hosts NCFD, launched a campaign throughout Canada starring Sandra Oh and Abe Verma. More than 1,500 screenings will take place in schools and theaters across the country, and in consulates and embassies around the world.

In "The Woman Who Can't Lie," Sandra Oh plays a woman who always tells the truth, no matter how harsh. She spits out food in public, tells a man he was terrible in bed, and urges office employees to find new jobs. She also viewed the NCFD movies and thinks they're "fantastic."

The next video stars Vinay Virmani as a man who is perpetually late to everything, from his birth, his own funeral, and filming this ad. He sees creative for the NCFD and vows to get there on time. He arrives a day late. Leo Burnett created the campaign.



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