PulsePoint Launches Content Platform With AI Capabilities

Programmatic ad platform PulsePoint on Wednesday launched Story by PulsePoint, a new iteration of its content marketing platform.

The company said the platform, which aims to streamline workflow and simplify content marketing implementation, offers global content distribution across Web sites, social media channels and content discovery platforms.

It will also use artificial intelligence and machine learning to iteratively update algorithms and continually improve performance.

PulsePoint said Story optimizes for post-click behavior, offering creative, audience, and page-level engagement metrics across channels and ad formats, and enabling marketers to use optimization tools to adjust campaign configurations in real time.

"Story by PulsePoint is built to help brands make meaningful connections with consumers,” stated Andrew Stark, SVP of content solutions at PulsePoint. He said the technology focuses on engagement with content and offers page-level behavior metrics to help deliver successful campaigns.

Cisco, which has used the product, said it enabled precise targeting in “highly contextual environments, which can be a challenge,” stated Walter Hu, business development, at Cisco. “Story by PulsePoint accounted for 98% of our article traffic and increased average time on page by 77% above mobile benchmarks and 49% above desktop benchmarks.”

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