Premium TV/Video Ads Grow, More Demo Guarantees

Premium TV/video advertising -- TV networks programming content on advertising-supported digital TV platforms -- is slowly catching up to linear TV advertising, via offering specific audience demographic guarantees.

For the first-quarter period, FreeWheel, the Comcast-owned video advertising technology company, says 40% of digital video advertising views attached to premium TV/video were generated by campaigns with a demo guarantee.

Such guarantees are virtually standard practice when it comes to traditional TV media buying.

The research also notes full-TV episode content commanded the largest share -- 60% -- of all premium video ad views; live streamed content, 24%; and video clips, 16%. Full-episode content grew 14% year-over-year; live streamed content was up 47%; and video clips, were down 6%.

Most live streamed content -- 78% -- came from sports. Full episode content was 95% from general entertainment; for video clips, 40% of its content was from news. 

Premium TV-video platforms get 90.3% of their advertising revenues from direct relationships with media agencies/marketers. That's up 9% year over year. Some 9.7% of their ad revenues is through programmatic services/software -- 6% higher versus the same period a year ago.



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