Facebook Bows Video, Targeting, Reporting Tools To Boost Mobile Shopping

While most people are focused on the beginning of summer, Facebook already has its sights set on the holiday season -- specifically, mobile shopping.

The social media giant unveiled new video, targeting, and reporting tools for businesses seeking to reach mobile shoppers for holiday 2017.

For example, Facebook recently launched product-focused videos designed to help businesses highlight their entire product catalogue via dynamic ads.

Previously, only static images were available for dynamic ads. In addition, Facebook said businesses can add overlays onto their dynamic ads, such as price and a percentage off.

“The holiday season presents a huge opportunity for many businesses, and now is when brands are finalizing their campaigns. This season, we predict people's relationship with mobile will grow closer than ever -- and mobile will act like a personal shopper in its ability to help surface great products,” a Facebook spokesperson shared with Digital News Daily.



“Businesses should use tools that help their products get discovered before people start looking for them, and incorporate more compelling imagery in campaigns to drive discovery this holiday season."

Facebook is also making household targeting available to enable marketers to reach an entire family with campaigns vs. individuals. The thinking is that multiple member of a household can influence purchase decisions.

New reporting and measurement tools are available to measure household impact, reach, frequency, and conversions.

The Facebook IQ study focused on holiday shopping behavior found that mobile shopping is growing. For example, holiday 2016 marked the first time more conversions (visible to Facebook) happened on mobile than desktop.

And in the U.S., mobile-first shoppers grew year-over-year by 56% from holiday 2015 to holiday 2016.

In addition, Facebook said mobile-first shoppers in the U.S. are 1.7x more likely to get inspiration for gifts or shopping ideas on Facebook, and 2.5x more likely to research gift or shopping ideas on Instagram.

Plus, the study found 30% of U.S. mobile shoppers prefer to discover new products through video. And, it’s not just millennials and younger people purchasing via mobile. Globally, parents made up over 50% of mobile-first shoppers last year.

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