Unified Data Simplifies Post-Event Email Marketing Efforts

Regardless of industry, all marketers will likely be faced with managing an event at some point in their career. 

There has been a tremendous amount of growth in the event industry, according to Michelle Wyatt, CEO of cloud-based event management software company CadmiumCD. Wyatt says events have become a revenue and engagement tool for both B2B and B2C marketers, particularly for corporations and associations.

Founded 17 years ago by a husband-and-wife team, CadmiumCD develops software that helps users collect, manage, and share event content. The company automates event marketing through a menu of 12 varying products that customers can pick and choose from. For example, event planners can use tools to organize attendee information and for exhibitors to communicate with vendors. 

As suggested by its name, CadmiumCD began as a company that offered event management help via CD-roms. The company has since evolved and embraced the cloud, moving online and to mobile applications.



Unifying event data can lead to far more effective email communication and post-event marketing efforts, says Wyatt. Technology can capture customer data and share important information with the proper targets, thus continue engagement after the event.

“Imagine there’s a conference with 4,000 speakers -- sharing that much content with that many people can be mind-boggling,” says Wyatt. Managing that many speakers and visitors with only email and spreadsheets in not sustainable, she says.

CadmiumCD automates certain steps in the event planning process, such as updating an attendee’s bio as soon as their title changes. If an event speaker or visitor has not submitted their biographical information, CadmiumCD can send automated reminders to those individuals. 

“Nobody wants a spam reminder to submit information they have already sent in,” says Wyatt.

CadmiumCD is not an email automation platform, but the company does integrate to third-party email solutions. The company’s software can track engagement and data, which marketers can use for segmentation.

One major challenge facing event marketers today is outdated software, Wyatt says. Many organization “still rely on old-fashioned methods like email and Excel spreadsheets,” says Wyatt.

“A lot has come into the market in the last 5 years, and not all event planners are aware of how easy it is to now manage and publish data,” asserts Wyatt.   

The entertainment and events industry has an average email open rate of 21.21% and click-through rates of 2.33%, according to a February 2017 MailChimp email benchmark report.


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