More Proof Advertisers Investing Less In Desktop

Every third advertiser belongs to the Internet and Telecom industry, based on 2 billion impressions of 2,000 major advertisers on the Google Display Network in the five categories analyzed, according to recent data.

SEMrush aggregated the data to analyze trends in the GDN to help advertisers make better decisions. The numbers, part of its Display Advertising report, were published earlier this week in a blog post.

Advertisers using GDN most often were divided into five industry categories: Internet & Telecom, Retail, Software, Education, and Web Services.

Internet and Telecom websites such as social networks, search engines, advertising providers use GDN most -- about 32%, according to the data. Retail followed with 11%, Software, 10; Education, 10%; and Web Services, 8%.

Advertisers clearly made less of an investment in desktop display ads so far this year. Overall, SEMrush identified 15% on desktop, 15%, mobile on Android; 19%, mobile on Apple; 20%, tablet on Android; and 21%, tablet on Apple.

Breaking down the industries analyzed, software advertisers still target desktop in their campaigns more than any other device at 28% and almost ignore iPhone owners at 6%, per the findings.

Retail strongly focuses on iPad users, at 31%. Advertisers from the Education sector do not seem to have a strong preference, as impressions are distributed evenly across devices, from 16% to 23%.

When it comes to images and HTML ads, the four industries do not overwhelmingly use HTML, despite the push toward the technology. HTML only takes a bit more than half, 54%, of the market share, with standard media ads that include static or animated images at 46%.

Retail and Education dominate the use of standard media ads at 68% and 65%, respectively.

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