Salesforce Launches Facebook Analytics Tool For B2B Marketers

Facebook has more than 1 billion daily active users, and Salesforce is setting out to help B2B marketers better target and monetize that audience.

Salesforce announced the launch of a new analytics product on Tuesday that enables marketers to run targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Audience Network from a single Salesforce dashboard.

Salesforce Lead Analytics for Facebook is a new Marketing Cloud integration that gives marketers greater visibility into how Facebook ads influence a customer's journey. Salesforce marketers can leverage metrics like email engagement and lead nurture scores to build audience segments for more targeted social media ads, and then measure the effectiveness of those interactions. For example, a brand marketer could decide to send Facebook and Instagram ads to the top 10% of prospects who open the most emails.

Salesforce Lead Analytics for Facebook also illustrates how social media ad campaigns are influencing the intended target audience.

With the new solution, Salesforce “marketers can see detailed information on who has engaged with their content, spoke with a sales rep and made a purchase as a result of a Facebook ad,” writes Chris Jacob, director of product marketing at Salesforce Marketing Cloud, in a blog post online. 

In a single Salesforce dashboard, marketers can measure Facebook ad effectiveness, visualize ad performance across the sales cycle, and compare the performance of different types of Facebook ads. 

Salesforce Lead Analytics for Facebook is now available to customers of Salesforce’s B2B marketing automation product Pardot, as well as to Marketing Cloud Advertising Studio Enterprise Edition customers. 

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