Stein Mart Hits The Road

Stein Mart is supporting its new mobile fitting tour with a national ad campaign featuring the tagline: “Saving is a beautiful thing.”

Developed with agency Bohan Advertising, the spot shows three women in what appears to be a fashion show walking toward the camera to a techno beat. One notes: “Some of us want fashion for the runway. And some of us want fashion for running out to brunch.”

The shot opens wider to reveal the women are actually in the foyer of a house, the strobe-flickering effect courtesy of one woman’s son turning on and off the lights.

Here is a link.

The ad — first in a series that will continue to roll out through the end of the year — appears in national and regional markets throughout the U.S. and on digital channels.

Concurrently, Stein Mart is introducing a four-city mobile-fitting tour in which a custom-wrapped Airstream trailer provides randomly selected women with  a "runway-inspired experience." It includes personal stylists, designer fashions, hair and makeup artists, spa-inspired surroundings and a mobile runway.



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