RYOT Studio, Oath's Creative Agency, Shakes It Up

Bryn Mooser, co-founder and CEO of RYOT, which launched Oath's creative agency RYOT Studio, has an interesting perspective on content. He expects the greatest change in media to come within the next two years. And he says it will be the greatest shift since "the printing press, as more companies come online and power dynamics shift to the consumer from the publisher."

The change will come in the way that brands advertise and market to people, whether marketers use experiential marketing, documentaries, augmented reality, virtual reality, data, search, or other media.  

In mid-November under the wing of Verizon's Oath, Yahoo Storytellers and Partner Studio by AOL rolled into RYOT Studio to further its work with brands such as Jeep, Jack Daniels, Sleep by Numbers, Sun Life Financial, Google, Facebook, Apple and others

RYOT Studio serves as Oath's content marketing engine to bring a brand's story to life by using customer data, scaled distribution, premium publishing and creative expertise.



Mooser, who founded the company in 2012, set out to build a media company that would give a voice to people who typically didn't have one in media. Its name based off a quote from Martin Luther King — "A riot is the language of the unheard," Mooser said.

AOL acquired RYOT in 2016.

Still, it's all about the data. Creative data across Verizon's companies tell the folks at RYOT Lab the stories resonating with consumers. "We can find out what stories resonate with the people reading TechCrunch, Huffington Post or Yahoo Finance," he said. "It's about turning the audiences into fans."

Marketers should be thinking about search ads in a similar way, what turns consumers searching for products into fans whether or not they're familiar with the brand. Creating a fan really means giving consumers the correct information. So if someone searches for a "restaurant near me," the brand gives the consumer enough information in search results to head on other there even if it's a few miles out of their way.

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