Apple Sends Emails To The Wrong Developers: Reports

Apple has sent emails to app developers containing ad-spend details on other developers’ apps, according to media reports.

Typically, Apple emails developers as part of its Search Ads Basic. These messages include data on installation rates, ad spend and cost per installation, Apple Insider reports. 

But some recipients claim that they are getting information that does not pertain to them.

For example, game and app developer Steve Troughton-Smith tweets: "Um Apple you might want to check why Search Ads is mailing me some other developer’s ad spend details."

Apple Insider notes: "Based on the developer response, it appears the issue affects a limited audience and isn’t widespread, and only those enrolled into Search Ads Basic."

Search Ads Basic was launched last December as a "pay-per-install ad format that sits alongside its other, older search ad product, which is now called Search Ads Advanced," TechCrunch writes.




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