Monetate and AgilOne Enter Strategic Partnership

Monetate and AgilOne have formed a strategic partnership to provide cross-channel personalization services, the firms announced on Tuesday.

The match-up combines Monetate’s personalization capability with data from AgilOne’s B2C data platform. 

Software provider Monetate found in its second Personalization Development Study that marketers identify data quality as their top personalization challenge.

AgilOne can help by cleansing, deduping and stitching data across channels, resulting in one AI-driven customer view, the firms claim.

The companies also say the partnership will deliver these benefits: 

  • Offline/offline customer insights
  • Customer value analysis
  • Consistent personalization across engagement channels 
  • The ability to learn and scale what works.

Through the partnership, the “complementary companies” can provide customer intelligence and recommendations, states Maribeth Ross, senior vice president of marketing at Monetate.

AgilOne was founded to restore the personal relationships companies had with customers “before multiple channels and data siloes got in the way,” states Omer Artun, CEO, AgilOne.



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