Gmail Metrics Provides Data Visualization, Tracks Email Analytics

The most popular consumer email client now provides data visualization of email usage and behavior.

The recently recently released Gmail Metrics provides an assortment of data analytics for the more than 1 billion monthly active users of Google’s consumer email client. Gmail Metrics acts like Google Analytics, but specifically for the email channel. 

Gmail users can leverage the new analytics tool to better understand their own personal use of email, as well as the email behavior of their employees, partners, and/or clients.

Gmail Metrics provides an assortment of data points to analyze, including emails sent and received, email breakdown by day and time, top email senders and recipients, and word count. Users can customize their data visualization to analyze specific types of email activity, such as a breakdown of email messages sent and received by day and time. 



Potential benefits of tracking consumer email use could include pinpointing the time of day when the greatest volume of emails arrive -- an opportunity for email users to ensure they are online and available to reply. Gmail Metrics could help save time and resources for smaller teams that utilize Gmail to communicate, as opposed to enterprise email clients and marketing programs, by identifying top email performers and users that could benefit from a more effective use of email.

The word count feature could also benefit email marketers and email users by determining the optimal message length for responses. If clients are more likely to respond to shorter email messages, marketing teams can save time by minimizing email copy. 

Gmail Metrics also provides statistics on ongoing email conversations and threads. For example, the email analytics tool could identify whether you are more likely to initiate a conversation or be added to a conversation. Employees who often loop in managers to conversations may need additional training to handle the communication on their own.  

Gmail Metrics offers a free 14-day trial period for those who are interested in trying the email analytics tool. After two weeks, the service costs $15 per month.


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