Bombora Intent Data Now Offered Through Marketo

Bombora has entered a partnership with Marketo to help B2B marketers and salespeople identify companies on the market for products and services.

Marketo customers can now access Bombora’s intent data and use it for lead scoring, prioritizing intent and creation of account-based strategies across channels via the Marketo Engagement Platform, Bombora says.  

Bombora operates a data cooperative with marketers and publishers, through which “we can see what kind of content they’re consuming,” says Bombora CEO Erik Matlick.  

Relying on its Company Surge analytics platform, it will determine, for example, who is searching for what, and the topic groupings that interest them. It also applies demographic and firmographic data,   

“We build the ability to layer our data on the company level , and to create segments of users,” Matlick notes.   

He adds that marketers “can set up rules in Marketo. If a user works at a company, and is interested in this grouping of topics, they can create  a segment for email nurturing.”

In addition, users can “notify the salespeople which company and context and even push it into Facebook to create digital campaigns,” Matlick says.

"As a data science company," Matlick says, Bombora is "looking at patterns week after week. Buying cycles aren’t impulsive, as they are with consumers.”

He notes that “the contacts are owned by the marketer, and that they reside at Marketo. We will tell them which tracks they should be emailing that work at this group of companies.”

For their part, users say they are pleased with Bombora’s offering.

“We layer Company Surge data with individual contact lead scores to come up with an overall account score for our target companies,” states Kari Hodgson, director of demand generation at Couchbase.

Hodgson adds: “We go after target companies with high account scores across all of our Account Based Marketing channels and have seen the number of engaged contacts increase.”

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