Advertisers Can Now Target Quora Users Via Their Email Address

A new social platform now allows for email-based targeted advertising.

Question-and-answer site Quora has expanded its advertising platform with List Match Audiences, a new advertising feature that helps marketers target Quora users via their email address.

Similar to ad-targeting options such as Google’s Customer Match, Twitter’s Tailored Audiences, and Facebook’s Custom Audiences, List Match Audience enables marketers to upload a list of email addresses to find matches among Quora’s users.

Email lists are hashed locally on marketers’ browsers for privacy, and then sent to Quora’s advertising platform where they are matched against Quora’s own hashed audience data. The emails that marketers upload are matched against the emails Quora uses to log into their accounts. Marketers can leverage these new audience segments to either target or exclude with Quora advertising. For example, email marketers could target prospective clients with Quora Ads and ensure that existing customers don’t receive the same sales material.

List Match adds a third way for advertisers to create audiences on Quora’s advertising platform. Advertisers can also leverage Quora Pixel to target their website visitors on Quora Ads, as well as target lookalike audiences based on an existing group with Quota’s machine-learning Ads algorithm.

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