Adobe Adds TVSquared Television Measurement, Syncs With Search

Adobe Advertising Cloud now integrates TVSquared’s platform to provide same-day TV analytics and optimization data for brands. The partnership will soon expand to include SearchSync, TVSquared’s feature that connects TV spots with paid search.

Monday’s partnership announcement offers analytics, online attribution for cable, local and national TV buys, and the ability to sync TV spots with paid search.

About 30 Adobe Advertising Cloud clients use TVSquared to evaluate their TV buys. Now, those advertisers can use the data to optimize TV buys within the programmatic TV platform.

“The data really helps to understand what works well and what doesn’t,” said Todd Gordon, director of TV, Adobe Advertising Cloud, which mostly focuses on linier TV. “The other part we’re interested in is the potential to use this data to impact search campaigns.”

The second phase of Adobe’s partnership will soon include TVSquared SearchSync, which syncs TV spots with paid search, into Adobe’s platform.

TVSquared can identify the impact of a TV spot as it airs. As people respond to that TV spot by conducting searches, Adobe can use the data to trigger a search campaign.

This allows advertisers to use Adobe Advertising Cloud Search to buy certain keywords to gain top search positions in the minutes after TV spots air, taking advantage of high-interest searches and making the most of TV-driven response and optimizing search spend.  

TVSquared sees a direct correlation between TV and search activity. “The minutes after an ad airs is when most TV-driven searches occur,” said Blair Robertson, CTO at TVSquared. “It is critical that brands have the top search position during those high-interest moments because click-through rates are significantly higher for the brand in that top spot.”

SearchSync is designed to outbid competitors for the top spot just in the high-interest moments after a TV ad airs. The brand controls whether it wants to sync the campaigns or not by turning SearchSync on or off.

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