SeaChange Launches Suite Of Video Ad-Tech Tools

Video ad tech company SeaChange International is rolling out a  suite of tools designed to help traditional video providers, over-the-top video providers and other direct-to-consumer video providers deliver personalized videos and video advertising to consumers.

As consumers increasingly watch their content on a mix of mobile devices, connected TV devices and set-top boxes, consistency of experience has become an issue. At the same time, data from these viewing sessions allow for more personalized content and ads.

“The concept of flow in video and television is not new,” says Shankar Nagarajan, SeaChange vice president of product management, told Digital News Daily. “Broadcasters have built their prime-time lineups for decades to create a ‘flow’ from one show to another, and between content and ads, to keep audiences watching and returning. With multiscreen viewing and OTT streaming today, the challenge is to create millions of unique, individualized flows.”



The solutions portfolio, which the company is calling cFlow, is comprised of four tools, which can be used together or individually.

 cContent is a content management tool designed to simplify content workflows. cBridge provides scalable capabilities like offer creation, pricing, packaging, promotion and multiscreen session management. cAds, an advertising management solution, delivers “targeted, personalized advertising across multiple channels and devices,” while cView is a viewer experience solution offering a consistent look and feel across OTT, mobile and set-top-box devices.

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