Democratic Candidate Deploys Personalized Email-Video Campaign

Levi Tillemann, a Democratic candidate in Colorado's 6th Congressional District, is working with AdGreetz on a campaign featuring personalized video messaging sent by email GIF and SMS text.

The messages direct supporters to a landing page featuring a personalized video from Tillemann.

Among the videos is one that has drawn attention because of Tillemann’s position on gun violence. The contents are personalized for recipients based on name, contribution history and location. 

The Colorado primary takes place this Tuesday.

"This upcoming midterm election is a very important one for the country, and finding smart and innovative ways to cut through the noise of disinformation is paramount,” states Eric Frankel, CEO of AdGreetz.

"I'm blown away by the power of the platform and how easy it was for us to build videos that were specifically targeted to each voter,” states Tillemann. “We're looking forward to collaborating with them in the general election."

AdGreetz, which is politically neutral, provides an SaaS video personalization platform allowing brands to send relevant video messages in digital and traditional channels.





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