'Value Exchange' Based Ads Generating Higher Completions, Female Skew

Advertising has always been about value exchange, but unlike the past when the value consumers received for engaging with ads was implicit, a new wave of ad formats that reward consumers explicitly has emerged. Often called “opt-in advertising,” “value exchange-based advertising” or “rewarded “advertising,” the rewards typically are to unlock entertainment content, “points,” upgrades, premiums and freemiums in exchange for completing an ad exposure.

On July 12, the Interactive Advertising Bureau will hold a “kick-off” meeting for an Opt-In Rewarded Advertising Buyer’s Guide Working Group to begin setting industry parameters for new formats.

Meanwhile, digital video advertising platform Jun Group has released findings of a study of a year’s worth of “value exchange based” video ad views, engagements and completions that begins to provide some audience compositions and behaviors.

Overall, the formats appear to be engaging and improving lift over time. 

One of the most striking findings is a gender skew. Women comprise 55% of exchange-based ad views (see above) and much higher rates of completion, regardless of duration (see below).

The full study can be downloaded here.

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