Evergage Offers Two New AI-Based Personalization Tools

Evergage has unveiled two machine-learning capabilities designed to help firms analyze their personalization efforts, the firm announced on Wednesday.

Evergage Decisions is an AI-driven service that enables B2B and B2C brands to serve relevantcontent, including promotions, messages and images, to web visitors and email recipients, the company says. 

The other service, Contextual Bandit is an algorithm that facilitates the sending of relevant offers.

According to Evergage, Contextual Bandit estimates the probability of a person interacting with an offer or experience on a given channel. Machine learning predicts content that will deliver the highest return, it adds. 

The firm continues that Contextual Bandid offers individualized personalization, unlike A/B testing that determines the best offer for all visitors. 

The goal is to “what’s most helpful to the customer with what’s best for the business,” states Karl Wirth, Evergage CEO and co-founder.

In addition, Evergage has introduced the Evergage Data Science Workbench, a tool that provides data scientists within companies to access data on Evergage server.  This data is contained in the unified customer profiles made up of behavioral data, contextual data, survey response and other first- and third-party information.

Data scientists can pull live data and cache it into their workbench, Evergage says. They can also use tools such a Spark, Python and R to examine the data, it adds.


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