6sense Adds Account-Based Marketing Tools To Its B2B Platform

6sense has added features to its ABM Orchestration Platform for B2B marketing and sales teams. 

The new tools provide tracking capabilities to monitor an account’s engagement over time, and visibility into anonymous intent by key accounts. This will help B2B marketers determine the proper time for outreach, in email and other channels. 

The upgrade was done in response to requests by clients to be “empowered with insight to prioritize their time better, make their outreach more relevant, and shed light on what their prospects' really care about at any given time,” states Amar Doshi, VP of product for 6sense. 

"ABM is not a marketing-only initiative -- it is crucial that account managers, sales development reps and other members of the sales team are collaborating and aligned,” adds Matt Senatore, service director of account-based marketing at SiriusDecisions. “Sharing critical target account insights such as recent topical interest and engagement history in a sales platform that the sales team is familiar with makes it easier for revenue teams to take action.”




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