PathFactory Integrates With Sigstr To Drive B2B Email Content

PathFactory, a content activation platform, has integrated with Sigstr, a relationship marketing firm, with the hope of helping B2B brands deliver and track response to personalized content in emails sent by their sales and marketing teams.

The arrangement allows marketers to personalize “email signature marketing like they do other channels,” while providing data on how prospects and customers are “engaging with their email signatures,” states Mark Opauszky, CEO of PathFactory.

He adds: “People are more likely to engage with calls to action from someone they know than a broad-based marketing email.”

The integration enables clients of both firms to link PathFactory content to email signature banners within Sigstr. 

PathFactory also says it can track the content consumption of email recipients, including banners and offers, to provide revenue insights into engagement.

One mutual client, Invoca, which distributes "new content campaigns via email signatures with Sigstr," says it can track consumption and align its email marketing strategies with its "account-based marketing strategies,” states Jen Rios, senior manager of demand generation at Invoca, provider of a call tracking and analytics solution.


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