Pandora's AdsWizz Integrates With Google Display, Video 360

AdsWizz said on Tuesday that its ad marketplace AdWave now integrates with the Google Display & Video 360. It also allows marketers to buy audio ads in the streaming music provider Pandora, AdsWizz’s parent company.

Pandora acquired AdsWizz earlier this year in a deal valued at about $145 million. The latest agreement  gives advertisers using Google Display & Video 360, formally DoubleClick Bid Manager, easy access to new audio inventory, according to a Google spokesperson. It also gives marketers the ability to buy from the largest audio ad inventory in the U.S. in Google Display and Video 360.

In May, Google announced the launch of streaming programmatic digital audio ads in DoubleClick, giving marketers access to advertising inventory from Google Play Music, Spotify, SoundCloud and TuneIn, and Pandora.

The audio market has grown in recent years. About 25% of the time consumers spend on mobile devices goes to music, podcasts, and other audio. The average American is spending 4.5 hours each day listening to streaming media. 

The audio ad industry grew nearly 40% in 2017, and brands are planning significant increases in audio in the coming year to tap into the engaging power that the medium commands.

Alexis van de Wyer, CEO of AdsWizz, called the deal a “seismic shift in opportunity for advertisers.”

With more than 68 million monthly listeners, Pandora represents two-thirds of all digital audio inventory, making it the largest publisher of digital audio ads in the U.S., according to the companies.

Combining advertising solutions from AdsWizz and Pandora gives marketers who use Google Display and Video 360 access to the largest source of audio ad inventory available.

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