Uberflip And Sigstr Team Up On Email Content Streaming Service For B2B Brands

A new service allowing B2B marketers to deliver personalized content in every email sent by their employees has been launched by Uberflip and Sigstr.

The integration enables firms to stream content to segments based on target accounts, personas and geographics.

Each such email would contain a relevant call to action, the firms say.

The service also facilitates cross-platform and conversion analytics, the firms add. The capability is available to clients of both firms at no cost, the firms state.  

One shared client, Snowflake Computing, has been using the integration to deliver tailored banners in employee emails. “You can’t use mass emails in an account-based strategy,” states Daniel Day, director of ABM at Snowflake.

He adds that “personal one-to-one emails are the best way to deliver content.”

“Content is the fuel of every B2B marketing team, but all too often that content collects dust as distribution channels become saturated and segmenting becomes too time-consuming,” states Sigstr CEO Bryan Wade.

Uberflip is a cloud-based content experience platform. Sigstr is an email signature marketing service.




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