Videolicious Rolls Out B2B Video Automation Tools

It’s no secret video is slowly taking over the digital landscape. Social platforms like Twitter and Facebook are pouring their new investments into video products. There is a gold rush to join the subscription streaming video fray and launch free ad-supported video services.

All are hoping marketers may shift billions of dollars on TV spend to digital video.

Now, video is preparing to enter another underutilized marketplace: B2B sales and marketing.

Videolicious, an enterprise video company, says it is rolling out B2B video automation tools for its customers, which include companies IBM, Verizon and SAP. The idea is to use the videos to boost the performance of corporate sales and marketing teams.

The platform allows a user to create, distribute and optimize a video. For example, if a salesperson has booked a meeting with a potential client, the system can help them create a video tailored to the pitch, allowing the salesperson to set expectations for the meeting.



The company says what it has seen so far has been promising in terms of efficacy.

While it is a video automation solution, it is also bringing people back into a workflow that has been leaning toward machines. As more sales and marketing business goes programmatic and automated, the people on both sides of the business are less front and center. 

Automated videos, such as those produced by the Videolicious platform, won’t be replacing the automation technology elsewhere in the funnel, but it does bring some humanity back to the process, allow sales and marketing professions to “fully utilize their personality, knowledge and relationships to break through that noise,” says Videolicious co-founder and CEO, Matt Singer.

As consumers continue to embrace video consumption on their mobile devices, social networks and connected TV sets, corporate workflows will follow suit. That's especially true if it boosts sales and marketing strategies already shifting toward automation.

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