Google Tests Dynamic Email In Android App: Report

Google has begun testing a feature called Dynamic Email within the Android app, according to a speculative report by Android Police. 

This apparently is an extension of the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) test started by Google last year. The capability has now been extended to the app.

AMP is an open-source framework designed to make mobile pages load faster. Google started extending it to email last year. 

That test was limited to a small number of companies. 

The feature “permits Gmail to show Dynamic Mail whenever it is available,” Android App writes. “Much like HTML emails, AMP messages can be included alongside plain text versions as a separate MIME type.” 

The report continues that while AMP may be a “pretty cool way to get more power out of email,” it may also leave users more vulnerable to phishing.

The AMP idea has drawn generally favorable reviews from email marketing specialists.

“Google AMP is an interesting development,” said George DiGuido, Meredith Xcelerated Marketing Executive Director, Email, in an interview last year.“But there definitely are challenges when you’re looking at the traditional email services providers.”

He added that there are three different email versions: html, text and rich text. AMP may or may not be a fourth, but “you need to support it, and it’s just for Gmail,” he notes. That said, AMP is “another piece to add to the equation.”

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