NBCU Strikes Deal With Data Plus Math For TV Attribution

NBCUniversal has inked a deal with TV attribution company Data Plus Math that will expand its efforts in tying a marketer’s video advertising on NBC with business outcomes such as website visits, in-store traffic and sales.

Last year -- before the start of the upfront ad-selling season -- NBC started up its CFlight process, which provides a guarantee across a marketers’ entire campaign on NBC’s linear TV networks and video players on digital platforms.

The deal with Data Plus Math will include linear TV, VOD addressable, and OTT inventory measuring the impact of viewing when it comes to advertiser’s business outcomes. The effort will also measure cross-platform campaigns using Comcast’s FreeWheel, the big ad server/management service for digital advertising.



Speaking with Television News Daily, Kavita Vazirani, executive vp of insights and measurement of NBCUniversal, said: “This addresses the need for marketers to understand the lift of their advertising on brand consideration, on purchase intent and on sales. It is a pretty powerful thing.”

Vazirani said Data Plus Math worked with NBC earlier on a “ad hoc” basis, starting the conversation for a longer-term deal a year ago.

After CFlight and attribution, Vazirani says the next step is looking at “proof of concept, and evaluating how do measure across campaigns. An advertiser [can have] multiple campaigns with us.”

Recently NBCUniversal made its first "business-outcome" TV advertising guarantee — based on movie ticket sales — for the current STXfilms' “The Upside.”

Last year, for the upfront market, A+E Networks said it was starting a regular effort for limited-guarantee deals for advertisers based on business outcomes, helped by measurement from Data Plus Math.

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  1. Jim Speros from Fidelity Investments (Retired), February 12, 2019 at 1:27 p.m.

    This is terrific news! Data Plus Math has an excellent process and approach to cross platform attribution that should give marketers great confidence. The degree to which we achieve widespread adoption by other networks will provide consistency for marketers instead of the patchwork quilt of disparate measurement systems we have today. I applaud NBCU's efforts as well as those of A+E. 

  2. Jim Candi from Fluff Inc, February 12, 2019 at 6:28 p.m.

    Jim, I like the comment far more than this puff piece :) 

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