Telaria, ZypMedia Forge OTT Ad Deal

The supply-side video advertising platform Telaria is partnering with the local-focused demand-side platform ZypMedia in an effort to bolster the over-the-top video ad options for local media companies.

While OTT and connected TV are becoming increasingly commonplace among consumers, local media companies such as local TV stations and newspapers are still finding ways to enter the marketplace in a meaningful way. Likewise, local advertisers may not be as comfortable with the new technologies as larger marketers are.

In a statement, Ramandeep Ahuja, co-founder and CTO of ZypMedia, says that the deal is meant to appeal to this “underserved market,” adding that it “bolsters our ability to connect local businesses with local audiences that are consuming more and more OTT content.”

Telaria, meanwhile will gain the local demand offered by ZypMedia’s partners, which include a number of local TV and radio companies, such as Sinclair Broadcast Group.

ZypMedia is approved for all deals on Telaria’s platform, the companies say.



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