InMobi New Business Unit, TruFactor, To Support Telcos' Data Strategies

The InMobi Group, known for powering mobile-first experiences for brands, has introduced a business unit focused on supporting the data strategies of telecommunications providers such as AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.

TruFactor -- the new business unit, uses technology from the acquisition of Pinsight Media, which InMobi acquired in 2018 from Sprint -- which plans to launch its 5G network in May.

Sprint may be the first client to use the platform, but the company is “connecting” with others including AT&T and T-Mobile to “explore how to work with them” to ensure data privacy, said Piyush Shah, co-founder of InMobi Group, and president of Marketing Cloud and TruFactor. Other marketers will likely follow.

InMobi initially launched the business unit for telecommunications providers after hearing their concerns about consumer trust issues and requests for help to anonymize and manage data to support privacy and security.

While it’s clear that TruFactor is focused on data privacy, security and growth for telcos by providing an “opt-in framework,” Shah said the model is adaptable to other markets looking to work with companies other than Google, Facebook and Amazon.

Marketers then can leverage the data for advertising and marketing campaigns.

“Next year we will likely work with other companies like banks, financial services, entertainment companies, or ecommerce and retailers -- any company that needs to manage data and make it available for use,” he said.

TruFactor also announced a partnership with Microsoft to bring its secure data platform to market through Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing service. It will use Azure Data Lake Storage as its foundation to deliver secure services.


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