Beardbrand Hits Million Mark In YouTube Subscribers

The Challenges

When Eric Bandholz started Beardbrand in 2013, his goal was to provide tools for men to feel confident about growing their beards, and to end the negative stereotypes about beardsmen being lazy or unkempt. Over time, the mission became “to be the company that fosters style for the urban beardsman.”

Through education and a range of men’s grooming products for hair and the body, the company seeks to foster confidence in men through grooming. No beard is required. “The goal was to build a brand by sharing our passions,” said Bandholz, the company’s spokesman and marketing guy, “then attract people with like-minded passions.”

As for expansion, he says the objective is to “create a tree that grows taller, not wider.” 

The Execution

With two partners, Bandholz has invested in high-quality photography, design and content for the brand’s website,, which offers transparent and authentic messaging through a blog that takes on such topics as tattoos and cologne as well as myriad angles on growing and maintaining a beard.

Beardbrand also offers an email subscription and a YouTube channel with videos on everything from “Beard Tips for Teens” to “World Champion Muttonchops With Beardbrand Logo Haircut.” While the viewership there is close to 97% male, the product buyers are 35% female.

There is a fair amount of paid being done on Facebook, Instagram and Google, Bandholz said.

The Results

  • In 2018, the brand saw a 250% increase in year-over-year growth.
  • Also, it added about 700K YouTube subscribers and hit the 1-million mark.

Key Takeaways

Build a team around your core values.

Find people who understand your brand and the culture of the company.

Be laser focused and stick to things you do best to capture all the opportunities available.

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