Tremor Video DSP, RhythmOne Team To Launch Private Video Marketplace

Programmatic video ad platform Tremor Video DSP is partnering with sister company RhythmOne to launch a new private marketplace offering.

Dubbed Tremor Video PMPs, powered by RhythmOne, the PMP will provide a video supply in an auction-based environment, on an invitation-only basis. The marketplaces will be operated by RhythmOne, which, like Tremor Video DSP is owned by parent company Taptica.

Taptica acquired RhythmOne last month, pledging to use the acquisition to expand Tremor Video DSP’s connected TV and over-the-top video business.

The PMP is the first joint effort between the two companies since the acquisition was completed.

The offering will include four different types of PMPs.

They include a contextual PMP, meant to increase relevance through content targeting, a demographic PMP, a performance PMP with an emphasis on key metrics like video completion rates and click-through rates, and an advanced TV option, focusing on the TV glass.

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