Adobe Adds Ecommerce Support For Amazon, Google

Adobe began building on its $1.68 billion acquisition of Magento with the introduction of several integrations, making the announcement at its global ecommerce and retail conference that kicked off Monday.

At its Imagine 2019 conference, the focus turned to small and mid-size advertisers to build its customer base. The news included new integrations with Amazon and Google with Magento to support ecommerce. Microsoft Advertising, however, went missing from the lineup.

Among those updates, Magento launched an integration with Google Shopping that will allow those using the platform to manage Google Ads from the Magento dashboard. Marketers using Google will want to jump from Shopping ads to the Adobe platform because the ads are fully integrated.

The Amazon Sales Channel extension removes the barriers to entry for merchants trying to gain expertise on Amazon by allowing them to quickly integrate their catalog, establish a bi-directional data flow, and begin managing listings from their Magento administration.



Marketers using Magento to gain access to Amazon can automatically manage and maintain their inventory without switching platforms.

Marketers can set pricing rules for the Amazon Sales Channel, manage multiple Amazon brands with multiple Amazon accounts, and gain access to Amazon’s product data.

The Amazon Sales Channel and Google Ads Channel are separate extensions; however, all the extensions are free, according to an Adobe spokesperson.

Adobe also made other announcements. Magento merchants looking to gain a more complete understanding of customer behavior can now easily integrate Adobe Analytics via the extension to unlock insights.

And Magento’s Progressive Web Apps Studio with PayPal and Braintree integration aims to make it easy for merchants and developers to use debit and credit transactions through a trusted gateway. The PWA Studio helps retailers build online stores that perform with an app-like experience.

The Adobe Experience Platform Launch extension is scheduled to become available in a few months, and it will also be free when it launches in the Marketplace.


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