Performance Planner In Google Ads Predicts Impact Of Campaign Budget Changes

Google Ads Performance Planner, a planning tool that predicts the impact of campaigns on conversions and clicks, is based on billions of search queries and auction data updated every 24 hours. The planner, which Google announced at Marketing Live, became available this week.

The Performance Planner identifies the best budget amount to spend for campaigns to drive incremental conversions. On average, Google has seen advertisers drive 43% more conversions by using the tool, according to Ahmad Ismail, product manager at Google Ads.

“Let’s say you have a $92,000 monthly budget across 100 Search campaigns,” Ismail wrote in a post. “The planner will recommend how to distribute that $92,000 across those Search campaigns to maximize conversions and project results from these changes in your forecast.”

He explains how advertisers can use the planner to try other adjustments such as different spend levels and CPAs by clicking on various spend points to see how results change the conversions.



“For example, you can see the difference in conversion volume you could receive at a $12 CPA against a $20 CPA,” he wrote. 

The planning tool allows advertisers to create a plan to see forecasts for campaigns, explore forecasts by adjusting different campaign settings, and quickly implement changes to the plan.

Among the benefits, marketers can identifying the campaign’s projected monthly and quarterly performance, as well as gain suggestions that can help campaigns perform better for the same spend. 

The tool was announced at Google Marketing Live.

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