Extreme Reach Expands AdBridge Solution To Sell Side

The advertising technology firm Extreme Reach is expanding its AdBridge creative asset workflow solution, launching AdBridge for Sellers. 

AdBridge for Sellers brings the creative solution to sell-side companies and their advertising partners, in an effort to simplify the process for distributing creative across a fragmented media landscape.

Ultimately, the company’s goal is to have one supply chain that connects the buy side to the sell side, enabling content owners to access the content and deliver it to any endpoint, be it OTT, CTV, digital, VOD, or linear TV.

The company launched AdBridge earlier this month, with an emphasis on brands and agencies. AdBridge for sellers brings the sell side into the mix.

The company says AdBridge incorporates VAST tags for simplified campaign tracking, while also preserving the initial Ad-ID.

“Fragmentation of audience based on new and innovative video delivery platforms is creating complexity on the sell side as ads need to be positioned everywhere,” said Bunker Sessions, vice president, sell-side solutions at Extreme Reach. “AdBridge for Sellers is  shedding light on these challenges and the friction that exists in campaign execution on the sell side, and delivering a true solution that ensures the industry can realize the full value of every ad impression.”

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