AMI Promotes New Environmentally Friendlier Canned Water Brand

All Market Inc. is out with a new brand of canned water called Ever & Ever,  designed to stand out amid of a sea of competitors that bottle water in plastic.

“We are in the business of selling beverages in single-use packaging, and our team shares a passionate commitment to finding ways to neutralize our impact on the environment,” said Mike Kirban, CEO of AMI.

AMI first worked with Lonely Whale, an ocean conservation incubator backed by actor Adrien Grenier, to proactively research and develop long-term strategic initiatives to neutralize the impact of single-use packaging.

The two sides realized there was an opportunity to launch a more sustainable water option in an aluminum format, and scale it quickly, given AMI’s resources. 

The company partnered with creative agency Interesting Development to further develop the concept, including brand identity and design.



The launch of Ever & Ever coincides with the debut of an awareness campaign by Lonely Whale called "Question How You Hydrate,"  designed to encourage consumers to choose and champion sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic water bottles.

As part of the campaign, Lonely Whale, Ever & Ever and additional #HydrateLike partners are launching a pop-up Museum of Plastic in New York City (starting June 8) that illustrates "an ocean free from plastic waste and the solutions available to everyday consumers to inspire action and make a positive impact." 

Looking forward, AMI and Lonely Whale are working together on a broader multi-year partnership initiative to neutralize the impact of single-use packaging across the company’s portfolio.


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