Connected TV's Ad Gains Are Mobile's Loss

Growing connected TV usage is now making up a commanding part of digital video ad impressions -- nearly half.

Digital video ad-serving company Extreme Reach, which issued the report, says connected TV’s gain is mobile's loss, when looking at first-quarter 2017 activity.

Mobile video ads are now 25% of all digital video impressions -- the lowest since first-quarter 2017. Extreme Reach says six-second ad impressions' growth on mobile platform -- long considered to carry much promise -- has been negligible. 

The report says this is partly due to connected TV advertising spots being virtually un-skippable, with a 97% completion rate.

Connected TV’s 30-second ads are the most-used advertising format on that platform, comprising a 69% share, with 28% for 15-second spots; 3% for 60-second commercials; and 1% for six-second ads.

Looking at all digital video impressions per device, connected TV sets have a 49% share, followed by 25% for mobile, 17%, desktop, and 7% for tablet.

General Invalid Traffic -- video fraud -- reached a new low of 1.5% in the first-quarter 2019, down 57% from the fourth quarter of 2018. Click-through rates for digital video advertising still remain low -- less than 1%.

The report tracks billions of video ads flowing through Extreme Reach’s AdBridge video server system -- which integrates linear TV distribution, OTT/CTV delivery and talent & rights management data.



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