LinkedIn Introduces Pricing Model To Align With New Marketing Objectives

LinkedIn has introduced a new pricing model that aligns with three new campaign objectives the company introduced publicly this week.

Brand awareness, website conversion and job applicants are the new objectives added to Campaign Manager, a tool that lets marketers create ad campaigns on the platform. LinkedIn built the CPM model by more tightly integrating with its conversion tracking tool.

Collectively, the three campaign objectives give marketers what Sudeep Cherian, director and head of global product marketing at LinkedIn, calls “a full-funnel experience,” no matter what the task.

For example, if website visits are the marketing objective, the focus is performance-based marketing, where the marketer only pays for the clicks that lead people to the landing page. If the marketing objective is focused on social engagement, then brands are charged for comments, shares and other similar interactions.

“It’s not just about aligning the experience,” Cherian said.

Prior to adding the objectives, the platform optimized against impressions to drive reach, along with other metrics.  

For some users, such as AJ Wilcox, founder at B2Linked, objective-based media buying generated 300% more signups than standard bidding during the same amount of time.

Marketers are increasingly being viewed as a source of growth for their organization, according to Cherian. “There’s interest on what drives the growth,” he said. “It elevates the role of marketers within the organization and the impact it can have on the company.”

Cherian said LinkedIn will ensure the campaign centers on the goal, such as driving website visits, and will optimize and charge the brand accordingly.

The public beta of Campaign Manager began in October 2018, but the three objectives were added earlier this year.  

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