Chorus Integrates B2B Sales Tech With HubSpot CRM, the provider of a conversation intelligence platform for B2B sales teams, has formed integrations with HubSpot, Amazon Connect and ShoreTel Web Dialer.

Sales team leaders use Chorus to determine the status of deals and understand key moments in the customer journey. They can also use this data to measure and boost team performance.

The integration allows GetAccept to “sync account data with relevant recordings to enable coaching and improvement,” states Dailius Wilson, VP sales & growth Marketing at GetAccept. 

This has led to growth on the HubSpot CRM, Wilson adds.

In addition, the arrangement has allowed the firm to “identify calls which led to either key win or key loss moments through this connection,” Wilson continues.

According to Chorus, HubSpot CRM users can also:

- Analyze conversations in the backdrop of deal data, which can be seen in every recording 

- Conduct a one-on-one with sales reps and review the top deals 

- Analyze sales forecasts through the Chorus Deal View

Thanks to the integrations, calls made using Amazon Connect and ShoreTel Web Dialer can now be recorded and analyzed using the firm’s AI-based platform. 

Chorus notes that it has won research showing that only 5% of information on customer-facing contacts ever make it into a CRM.

In addition, the CRM industry is expected to reach a market size of $35 billion by 2023, it continues, citing the Global CRM Software Market Report.



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