Email Helps Drive Online Grocery Purchases, Study Says

Roughly a third of all shoppers prepare their online grocery/ CPG orders by looking at emailed deals. And over a third use multiple methods when shopping, according to "Unpacking the Dynamic Online Shopper: Grocery & Retail," a study by Valassis.

Valassis worked with the NPD Group Inc. to survey over 1,800 consumers. That sample is balanced by age and gender in accordance with U.S. Census demographic profile, the study says.

Of those surveyed, 32% have purchased groceries online in the past year, as have 48% of Amazon Prime members. Overall, though, 72% of those who shop online still make their purchases in-store.

Online shopping is more popular in cities, with 48% of urban dwellers ordering groceries online, versus 25% of suburbanites and 19% of rural residents.

Broken down by groups, 33% of online grocery shoppers look at emailed deals from their store or delivery service. And 33% of Amazon Prime members do the same.

In addition, 30% of urban consumers scan deals delivered by email, as do 37% of those opting to pick up their groceries and 39% of shoppers who choose online delivery. 40% of people who buy from online grocery websites also read these emails.    



At the same time, 40% look at online coupons from the store and 33% read print circulars at home. 

The study notes that multichannel campaigns do best and urges retailers to “be present when shoppers are getting ready to create an online order.” 

As for shopping habits, 33% select the exact items from past purchase lists. 

The study also uncovered these findings:

  • 61% are more likely to buy an item after seeing ads both in print and online.
  • 50% are more likely to make an impulse purchase online than in the store. 
  • Nearly 66%  start out by looking for a particular brand. 

“Grocery shopping has often been viewed as a chore, meaning consumers will spend hours planning lists and meals, clipping coupons and actually purchasing items,” states Julie Companey, director of grocery marketing, Valassis.

Companey adds that “retailers and brands are working quickly to improve the experience and make the process more streamlined through ecommerce optimization.”

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