Ezoic Raises $33 Million, Expands AI Platform For Publishers

Ezoic, an end-to-end AI-driven platform for digital publishers, has secured $33 million to continue expansion of its technology.

Ezoic is used by publishers across the spectrum, including larger brands and small indies, as a way to personalize layouts and ad placement for their visitors in a data-driven way.

Most recently, Ezoic has been working on new machine learning tools that will help publishers to instantly speed up their websites, improve the SEO of their content and easily access business-boosting information. Many are available in beta at the moment.

“The tool allows users to do many of the most common site speed recommendations that Google PageSpeed Insights suggests easily without having to code or make any other adjustments to their site,” Tyler Bishop, CMO at Ezoic told Publishers Daily.



“The tools are fully automated, meaning they are designed to do things like serve images in next-gen forms, pre-connect origins, resize images in the browser, and more simply by turning those features on.”

The set of SEO tools are being tested by Ezoic’s engineering team. The company anticipates the first version swill be available in the next month or two for users of the platform.

Ezoic was launched in 2001 when it tested early platform versions on over 400 websites owned by the company founders. By 2015, it was named one of Google’s first Certified Publishing Partners. 

The company recently won Google’s Business Innovation Award from the Certified Publishing Partner team for its flagship testing application.

Ezoic is also known for its Ad Revenue Index, a publicly transparent index of global programmatic ad rates.

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