Salesforce Sandbox Data Can Now Be Anonymized With App, Platform Provider Says

Odaseva, provider of a cloud data protection platform for Salesforce Sandbox users, is offering an app that allows those enterprises to anonymize data, the company says. 

The Full Sandbox Anonymization app (FSA) can help marketers protect Salesforce data, including email addresses, names, birthdates, home addresses and activities, chatter and files, “with one click,” states Sovan Bin, CEO and founder of Odaseva.

In addition, it will enable them to comply with GDPR, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and other privacy laws, the firm adds. 

“Traditionally, anonymizing full Sandbox personal data would require a long and costly development and maintenance process,” Bin says.

“Any company that is safeguarding private customer data in Salesforce Production but fails to anonymize their Salesforce Sandbox data is pretty much locking the door but leaving the window open,” he says.



Bin warns that although “the data has not gone into production and might still be residing in the test environment, personal data can still be accessed by unauthorized technical or personnel teams.”

The FSA, which is being offered on a stand-alone basis as an Odaseva Compliance tool, can be easily installed, the company says.

Odaseva serves enterprises that leverage Salesforce as a mission-critical application.

Its platform is accepted by 10+Million Salesforce Enterprise users, including Schneider Electric, Heineken and Robert Half, which trust Odaseva’s data governance platform, the firm states.


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