DealSignal Offers B2B Tool To Help Salesforce Users Enrich Leads

DealSignal, a B2B marketing data provider, has unveiled a tool designed to help marketing and sales teams manage leads and eliminate bad data.

The new offering, CRM Data Health, allows teams to strengthen leads in their Salesforce CRM, the company says.

The tool relies on both AI and human intelligence to ensure accuracy, the company adds. It can also help minimize bounced emails.

The objective is to “help Salesforce customers continuously maintain rich, accurate and verified target audience data, and keep it fresh on a regular schedule,” states DealSignal founder and CEO, Rob Weedn.

- According to DealSignal, B2B teams can use the new product to:

- Overcome CRM data decay

- Refresh, enrich and re-verify a segment or all of their Salesforce data

- Create the data foundation needed for ABM success

- Achieve and maintain accurate total audience coverage

- Increase CRM adoption and improve sales and marketing performance

“Bad CRM data is a pervasive issue that has a negative ripple effect on B2B marketing and sales performance: from inaccurate ABM targeting, to bounced emails that can damage sender reputation, to outdated or irrelevant contacts that clog marketing automation systems at a great cost,” Weedn says. 

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