Roku, Innovid Launch Measurement Solution Across Roku, Linear TV

Roku, Inc. and advertising platform Innovid are launching an analytics solution designed to measure daily demographic reach and frequency on TV campaigns that run across the Roku platform and linear TV.

The solution marries OTT and linear TV occurrence and identity data from Roku’s 30.5 million active accounts as of June 30, with Innovid’s 75-million household OTT ad-serving footprint.

This, according to the companies, is expected to help marketers hone advertising inventory allocations for Roku and other publishers, including reducing “over-frequency,” without additional tagging or integrations.

“As marketers follow viewers from linear TV to OTT, they need tools to evaluate audience overlap and incremental reach across screens and suppliers,” said Alison Levin, vice president, ad sales and strategy, Roku. More than half of Roku’s audience are cord cutters, she reports.

“The ability to manage daily incremental reach and frequency across OTT and linear TV is very much needed as we continue to scale spend in OTT, and will help give us more confidence that our clients’ investment in OTT is driving measurable results,” added Dentsu Amplifi President Mike Law.

The product is now being tested by several Innovid and Roku clients, including Verizon. The companies report that they plan to expand the solution beyond Roku, to include all of OTT.

The new solution expands on Roku Ad Insights, a suite of analytics tools designed to measure ad effectiveness in OTT, introduced in 2018. Innovid’s ad technology has been part of Roku’s ad framework since 2015.

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  1. Lucas Sommer from LeadsRx, September 23, 2019 at 5:35 p.m.

    If ROKU is going to continue to gain market share as a streaming service, they are going to need to stay on the cutting edge of marketing and technology. At, we love to see content networks like this embracing transparency and measurement natively in their offerings. We hope ROKU will support open access to data so that marketers and third parties can properly perform attribution using their data - otherwise, if it is a closed ecosystem marketers have to trust ROKU to report on the effectiveness of ROKU which can be problematic. 

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