Survey: Over 33% Of B2Bs To Invest In Personalized Content In 2020

As B2Bs are forced to compete with more convenient and aggressive consumer-focused experiences, like one-click checkout and next-day delivery, they looked for ways to attract and keep customers.

The results of a new survey by Episerver show that to achieve this end, more than one-third of B2Bs polled globally plan to invest in personalized content in 2020.

Episerver surveyed 700 B2B decision-makers from the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Sweden and Australia.

This move toward personalization will include a focus on automated marketing, ordering and personalization. With that, 82% of respondents said they will use artificial intelligence to personalize customer experiences over the next three years.

One-third of respondents also reported they place greater emphasis on their brand’s mobile experience.

Some 91% of respondents shared that they believe B2Bs care about their experience and a personalized website provides a stronger customer experience.



“Consumers expect more from our organizations every day,” said Deane Barker, senior director of content management strategy at Episerver. “Unfortunately, the accounting department expects ... well, less. Digital marketers are in a tug-of-war between rising expectations and dwindling budgets. With this report, we’ve looked at the factors pushing and pulling these teams toward their decision points.

The entirety of the survey’s results is available through Episerver’s B2B Digital Experience Report 2019.
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