Campaign Monitor Debuts Enhanced Ecommerce Tool For SMBs

Campaign Monitor has unveiled CM Commerce, an automated ecommerce solution for small businesses, following its acquisition of Conversio, an ecommerce platform. 

The company acquired Conversio in August, and embarked upon an “exceedingly rapid turnaround” to restructure, rebrand and reprice Conversio’s ecommerce platform, says Cody Bender, chief product officer at CM Group. One goal was to get it out in advance of the holiday season.

One of the considerations prior to acquisition was ”how malleable the product was,” Bender explains.

Integrated with Shopify, WooCommerce and Big Commerce, CM Commerce supports abandoned cart emails, post-purchase surveys, and product reviews, the company says.

In addition, users can track key metrics such as conversion performance, list growth and average order value, while guiding users through all the steps in campaign development, the company says.

One key feature is “the review portion of the product,” Bender says. “If you’re an SMB storefront, one of the greatest assets is trust. Conversio had the tools to capture reviews and pictures taken as part of that.” 



All of Conversio’s 11 employees will remain in place, as will founder and CEO Adii Pienaar, who will have a “very public facing role,” Bender says.
Campaign Monitor is part of CM Group, a group that also includes Delivra, Emma, Liveclicker, Sailthru and Vuture.

The objective is not to sell the company’s other tools, Bender says. Each group has its own niche.

The company plans to staff up its engineering teams as it seeks to “add some wood to the arrow” in the coming months, Bender says. 

For example, Sailthru is a platform for higher-end, medium-sized companies. Campaign Monitor excels at sending email newsletters, Bender says. 

The only product that seems to cross all groups is Liveclicker, a personalization platform. However, the company hopes to offer a pathway as the companies grow.

The company has found that “despite giving very powerful automation engines, we still don’t see a high adoption of automation across all of the platforms,” Bender says. “The information layer that goes with powerful automation is missing."

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