Shopify Launches An Email Marketing App

Shopify the shopping channel has introduced Shopify Email, an app designed to help ecommerce brands create email marketing campaigns. 

Shopify Email is now available to select merchants, and will be rolled out widely early in 2020.  

The app, which was built using the marketing app extensions launched by Shopify last year, comes with customizable email templates and enables firms to use existing brand assets and product content to create email marketing campaigns natively inside Shopify Marketing, 

Brands can send emails using their domain name with no setup needed, the firm says.  

In addition, the app comes with analytics that allow merchants to track such metrics as open and click-through rates and the number of products added to carts and purchases.

Shopify Email joins several marketing apps available within Shopify.

Shopify is integrated with such third-party marketing apps as Seguno, Omnisend and SMSBump, thanks to its open APIs, the firm says.  

And Shopify has partnered with Facebook, Seguno, Omnisend and SMSBump, allowing marketers to run ads on those platforms.




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